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We, BLACK & WHITE company, help to build communications that move your business towards the set goals. This is about good reputation, investment appeal and loyalty of customers, partners & staff members.

Our approach to creating communications is to ASESS your real tasks, THINK about the real solution and only then CREATE relevant video and web products. Insightful and technologically advanced. After all, it is precisely these communications that work in the 21st century

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VIDEO We love and know how to make corporate films and videos for a variety of purposes. Image-building, social, informative and promotional videos. And they also differ by production method - documentary, staged, infographic, animated.
WEB-DOCUMENTARY PROJECTS And we have great news for you. We are also moving towards the more advanced online format and we invite our clients to switch the communications focus from traditional websites, that fail to keep up with the time, to interactive and multimedia web documentary projects. We have flexible line of web products to address any business needs.
SMART SHOW The product is impeccable when, let's say, you need to present massive data (figures, tables, diagrams and graphs) to investors and partners in a simple and clear way. To better understand the useful properties of smart show, please see our digital project "Why Kazakhstan? Key Factors" (for Samruk-Kazyna JSC).
BUSINESS-LONGREAD It is good when you need an interesting multimedia PR story "in one go" with an exciting storyline. Recently, we have completed the longread on the most trending topics discussed at the last Eurasian Media Forum 2018.
WEB-DOCUMENTARY If you have more overarching goals, plenty of various information and need maximum audience engagement, then you cannot do without a top digital product - WEB DOCUMENTARY. It has taken the entire world because any information in web documentary becomes a spectacular plot, a story that your audience will follow relentlessly. Web documentary lives and prospers, for it speaks with us in the modern multimedia language of video, photo, illustrations, spacious texts, audio, infographics and all the advanced things that is still to be generated by our fast-paced technology-driven time. To better understand the benefits of this product, please see our flash presentation.
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